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Somers Energy Environment Committee
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Somers Town House
335 Route 202
Somers, NY 10589
The Somers Energy Environment Committee meets the 1st Thursday of every month at 5:30pm in the Somers Town House.

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Committee Members
Field of Interest
Michael Blum
Don Bleasdale
Flo Brodley
Heritage Hills population
Jane Harsha
Frank Maricic
Energy efficiency
Stacie Vourakis
Rick Warren
Michael Yee
Chris Zaberto
Richard Clinchy
Town Board Liaison
Committee members are approved by the Town Board after applying for a position. Meetings are held monthly.

Mission Statement

The Town Board of Somers chartered the Somers Energy Environment Committee to be an advocate for change in the global warming crisis.

The committee will act as a conduit for the purpose of promoting and communicating environmentally sound and cost effective initiatives in order to
reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption while making effective use of
relevant Town resources.

Somers is going green!


Timeline for Complete Streets

Site Visit and Kick-Off                                            Feb 10, 2015

Preliminary Graphic sent to SEEC                          March 5, 2015

Revised Graphic & Present (In person) to SEEC       April 2, 2015

Final Graphic Delivery for Earth Week                      April 18-26, 2015

Citizens Campaign for the Environment
Help reduce plastic bag usage in Westchester

Somers must provide opportunities and resources for residents to buy and grow local produce, we can do this by supporting:

Encourage high schoolers and college age children to explore and experience life on a farm.
Watch: A New Crop - a six minute movie on young farmers in Westchester.  The average age of todays farmer is 57 years of age.  In recent years however, more opportunities have opened up for young people to experience farming, and in Westchester there are many young farmers in their 20's working the land, however few own the land.  Westchester Land Trust and Somers Land Trust works with landowners on conservation easements, through that process they also match farmers looking for an acre or two, with landowners.  Local farms have seasonal job openings for paid and unpaid interns.  Many new farmers have worked as unpaid high school interns at local farms.  Resources in and around Somers:  Westchester Land Trust, Somers Land TrustHilltop Hanover FarmAmawalk FarmAmba FarmsRyder FarmStuart's Fruit Farm.

Educate yourself - connect with the land.
Local organizations offer lecture series, workshops and classes that provide practical hands-on support to home owners.  Classes include how to: start a vegetable garden; cook and preserve the bounty; become a bee-keeper; keep backyard chickens and compost.   Resources in and around Somers;  Hilltop Hanover Farm, Lasdon Arboretum, Intergenerate, Bedford Audubon, Kitchen Gardeners International, Front Yard Coop.

Get involved at local school gardens.
Establishing school gardens is one of the best ways to engage the youngest members of our community, in Somers both Primrose and SIS have gardens and they are being integrated into the curriculum.  These programs together with a heightened national focus on sustainability have encourage local families to start gardens and begin composting, 

Buy local, volunteer and talk with your farmer.
Historically Somers was a farming community, most of the woodland around us is between 60-100 years in age, marking the time when widespread farming ceased.  Connecting with our local hertiage, and treading more softly on the earth can be achieved by supporting local farms, though purchases and volunteering.  To be a farmer in Westchester has many pressures, including easy access to year round food at supermarkets, cost of living, and taxes.  Supporting local farms, creates jobs in the community, reduces your personal carbon footprint and that of the farmer, and keeps dollars in Somers/Westchester.  In the north-east the season is relatively short so visiting a farm stand, u-pick or being a CSA member, from May - October, provides farmers will the funding to stay on the land another year.  All farms welcome volunteers, so call or email and offer your time, no matter how limited.  Resources in and around Somers;  Hilltop Hanover Farm, Amawalk Farm, Amba Farms, Ryder Farm, Stuart's Fruit Farm.

Somers does not have a community garden - help start one.
InterGenerate is a leader in developing community and communal Gardens in Westchester.  They have locations in Katonah and Mount Kisco.  A community or communal garden that is efficiently and effectively coordinated brings together a group of residents, developing an instant community with a shared interest, they grow together, harvest together, have dinners together and provide produce to local food pantries.  If you would like to help start a community garden in Somers, contact Helen Brady or Peggy Clarke.  Resources in and around Somers;  InterGenerate.

Donate abundance and grow a row for hunger.
Local food banks do not get enough locally grown, fresh or organic produce for their clients.  Everyone who farms, in a backyard or on 5 acres, have weeks when there is an abundance of produce that cannot be eaten or sold, but it can be donated.  Taking this a step further many families and farmers are planting a row for hunger and all produce from that row is donated.  The donations ensure that all members of our community have equal access to fresh local produce, equal access is a cornerstone of building a sustainable town. Sharing Works, Community Center of Northern Westchester, Food Bank For Westchester.

Somers should determine what if any legislative/regulatory obstacles there are to prevent progress on Sustainability practices.

Building a sustainable community starts with open and multiple channels of communication.

  • Share this information with at least one friend.
  • Share this information with another volunteer group you are involved with in Somers.
  • Talk about sustainability with friends, neighbors and colleagues.
  • Commit to building a sustainable Somers by supporting one of the items above or visit GreenSomers and support other sustainable actions for Somers, such as land use, Energize Somers, waste management, recycling.
  • Contact Helen ( or Peggy ( with questions or suggestions.
Energize Somers

This is an initiative of NWEAC — the Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium.
Promotes home energy efficiency.  
Learn more about the project by clicking here.

Take Action Now - Join In

WE NEED YOU, THE PEOPLE OF SOMERS, to help us make our Town more energy efficient and sustainable in the 21st Century. This is a local grassroots effort, and we encourage all residents and businesses, alike, to get involved.

We would appreciate your input.  You may contact to collect your ideas, feedback, issues and questions about,  the Energy Environment Committee, or in general about the greening of Somers.  

As part of our longer range climate protection efforts, the Energy Environment Committee will design, implement, and communicate a variety of measures that we can take to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. These measures will lead to lower energy use and reduced energy costs for residences and businesses while preserving our environment for generations to come.

Get started right now by taking a quick survey here. For more information on this initiative, follow this link.

If you have a particular interest in energy efficiency at home or at work, efficient transportation, use of renewable energy technology, recycling and waste management, sustainable food, composting, green building and land use please join us and help us asess and communicate these important quality of life issues for our Town, our families and most of all our children!

Local Foods: Somers & Beyond

This map indicates local farms, farmers markets and stores selling organic and non-organic produce that is either grown in Somers, Westchester or within approx 100 miles of Somers.

View Local Foods : Somers & Beyond in a larger map

Sourcing food locally is a key element of living a sustainable life,reduces fuel and emmission costs.  You also have an opportunity to build a relationship directly with the farmer.  Farmers love this interaction, it allows them to tailor produce to the needs of their customers.  By supporting local farmers you also sustain farmland and open space in our community.

Have fun touring the map and don't forget to visit your local farmers and farmers markets!

 If you would like to add a farm or store email Produced by: Town of Somers Energy Environment Committee

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