Paving Activities on Route 100

October 4, 2018

October 4, 2018

Hello Somers,

I am happy to announce that Route 100 from Heritage Hills Drive East to Route 35 will be repaved by NYSDOT beginning October 15. Paving activities will occur at night from 7:00PM to 6:00AM with at least one lane open for travel through the duration of the project. Those traveling at night should be prepared for some delays; however, paving this busy corridor is best done at night, as day time work would be more disruptive and take twice as long. Paving at night should take eight days as opposed to sixteen days with day time work.

There will be some limited restrictions on when trucks can drive on the newly paved road surface, so local businesses taking night deliveries along Route 100 should contact the NYSDOT at 914-232-3060 for specifics. They will be conducting their own outreach as well.  

We are grateful for the investment in Route 100, but state roads throughout Somers are in rough shape. The Town will continue to push for resources, and thank our state officials for their work securing the funds for this work.

Rick Morrissey, MPA

Town of Somers

335 Route 202

Somers, NY 10589

Ph: 914-277-3637

Fax: 914-276-0082

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