Recycling Batteries

February 25, 2011

It is now safe to dispose of household batteries in the trash.

In 1992, an international standard was implemented requiring manufacturers to significantly lower mercury content in alkaline and carbon zinc batteries.  According to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, it is now safe to dispose of the following household batteries in the trash:

  • non-rechargeable alkaline
  • ‍carbon zinc batteries
  • ‍rechargeable alkaline batteries
  • AAA, AA, C, D, 9 volt, long life C and D cells used for toys, radios, appliances and flashlights

The NYS Rechargeable Battery Recycling Law

Under New York State law, beginning June 8, 2011, retailers that sell rechargeable nickel-cadmium , sealed lead , lithium ion , nickel metal hydride, and dry cell battery capable of being recharged and battery packs containing any of mentioned  batteries, are required to accept from consumers and recycle these batteries, for free, during normal business hours. Retailers are also required to post signs informing consumers about in-store recycling programs. Then, starting December 5, 2011, residents of New York State are required by law to recycle these batteries. Knowingly disposing of rechargeable batteries as solid waste will subject violators to fines up to $200.

Town residents may drop off rechargeable batteries at the Somers Town House for recycling.  There is a container located in the large meeting room.

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