Outdoor Dining Information for Restaurant Owners

June 19, 2020

Town of Somers Restaurant Owners:


As you all know, Governor Cuomo allowed restaurants to have outdoor dining effective Tuesday, June 9, 2020. The Town Board has also passed a resolution which authorizes the Building Department to permit temporary outdoor dining for existing establishments for the period from June 2020 through November 2020 in accordance with NYS and Westchester County Department of Health Guidelines.


This information along with the required items will ensure that your outdoor dining complies with the State’s mandates and will help you have a successful outdoor dining operation.


These are the items that need to be submitted to the State:

  1. Affirmation Form


These are the items that need to be submitted to the Town of Somers Zoning Secretary, Denise Schirmer at dschirmer@somersny.com :

  1. Town of Somers Outdoor Dining Permit Application
  2. Sketch Plans of your proposed outdoor dining plans
  3. Copy of the Affirmation form submitted to the State
  4. Town of Somers Tent Permit Application (if applicable) Note: the $75 fee will be waived


These are the items that need to be submitted to the State Liquor Authority if you serve liquor outdoors:

  1. A letter from the Town of Somers Building Department which clearly stipulates that the Town of Somers has approved such use of the outdoor space. Please use the attached template to fill in your information and send back to Denise with your required paperwork so it can be signed and sent back to you.
  2. An updated diagram to updatedalterations@sla.ny.gov


Attached is the NYS Guidance document with a link to the required Affirmation form (Note: the Outdoor Dining category on the left side of the form must be selected).  Also attached are the outdoor permit and tent permit applications.


Please submit the required forms as soon as possible in order to start or continue to offer outdoor dining. A follow-up inspection will be scheduled at a later date.


Reminder, any licensed business found to be operating in violation of the Governor’s orders restricting on-premises service of alcoholic beverages, including the SLA Guidance with respect to take out and delivery service, shall face a monetary penalty of $10,000, and/or suspension,cancellation, or revocation of its license.


Please call Denise Schirmer at (914) 277-5582 if you have any questions.

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