Somers Heating Oil Plan (SHOP)

December 12, 2014

The Town of Somers has instituted Somers Heating Oil Plan, SHOP,  in order to save the residents money for home heating oil and by offering bio-fuel to also make our Town "greener".  Please read the Plan Requirements.

Click Here for Participating Dealers.

There are New York State income tax credits associated with the use of bio-fuel. This amounts to $.20 (20 cents) for each gallon of B-20 bio fuel you purchase. B-20 is the type of bio-fuel sold by the suppliers. Please note this is a credit (not a deduction) on your New York State income tax return. Please consult your accountant with any questions.

For oil companies who are interested in participating in SHOP, please review, complete and sign the Questionnaire, the Memorandum of Agreement and Plan Requirements.  You may email or fax (914-276-0082) the signed documents to the Supervisors office.

Please contact or email the Supervisor's Office at 914-277-3637 with any questions.

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