Somers Sewer District No. 2 – Lake Shenorock and Lake Lincolndale

March 20, 2020

April 2, 2020 -

Now that the world has changed due to the Coronavirus,the Town Board has decided to NOT proceed with the public hearing regarding the Sewer District formation. It will be ADJOURNED TO A FUTURE DATE.

By law, we were unable to remove it from the agenda.


On April 2, 2020, the Public Hearing for the establishment of the Somers Sewer District # 2 in Lake Shenorock and Lake Lincolndale will be opened and ADJOURNED. Public hearings and Comments will be held at a future date.


Be well.

Supervisor Rick Morrissey

March 20, 2020 -

Dear Community Residents:


The mailing of the Map, Plan, & Report was put into action in early March well before the world changed. Please note the public forum on March 25th will be postponed. The future of public hearings on the sewer district formation is being studied.  However, our immediate concentration is to promote social distancing in order to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus outbreak. This is our main concern while acting in the best interest of the Town.

Rick Morrissey, MPA
Town Supervisor

March 18, 2020 - Letter from Supervisor Rick Morrissey

March 6, 2020 - Revised Map, Plan and Report

January 28, 2020 - Letter from Supervisor Rick Morrissey

Community Information Session at Lake Lincolndale Clubhouse - Tuesday, December 3, 2019

November 15, 2019 -

It was a productive Town Board meeting last night, and thanks to all who participated. Of note,there were a few comments from neighbors about zoning. Some were concerned that sewers would lead to widespread development under existing R-10 regulations.Others were curious if existing homes could expand to accommodate growing families. The Town Board acknowledges these comments and is having conversations next week with the Building Inspector to identify the best pathway forward. We’re not looking to change the character of the lake communities and the intent of the Sewer District is not to encourage rapid development.What we can tell you now is that Town-owned property can’t be developed and is deed restricted if sold, as added protection. Thanks for the thoughtful questions!

November 13, 2019 -

Neighbors,WE NEED YOUR INPUT. As you know, the engineers are busy revising the costs detailed in the Somers Sewer District #2 Map, Plan & Report (MP&R).Tomorrow night, the Town Board will be presented with new options on how to assess sewer fees for residents of the Lake Lincolndale and Lake Shenorock communities. We’re trying to balance costs so they are as fair and equitable as possible, with protecting our most vulnerable residents on fixed incomes. These are not easy decisions, so your input is really appreciated. Earlier this week, a few residents shared concerns that building a sewer will change the character of the lake communities by encouraging development under current zoning laws.That’s absolutely not the Town's intent. But since there’s concern, we’d like to discuss that as well. Please share this message with friends and neighbors. Thank you!  

November 8, 2019 -

Thanks to the many residents who spoke at last night’s Town Board Work Session on the proposed Sewer District #2 for Lakes Lincolndale and Shenorock. It was great to hear from so many property owners supportive of the project! The Board also values the constructive feedback also received. Collectively, your feedback has been the catalyst for the revision to the Map, Plan and Report (MP&R) that the engineers will submit later this month. Until we have the revised MP&R,we won’t know what the new costs will be. Once we have the revised costs, we'll prepare a mailing to property owners. The Board is committed to balancing the need for fair and equitable sewer fees with protecting our most vulnerable residents living on fixed incomes. These are not easy decisions, so your feedback—even difficult feedback—continues to be greatly appreciated. What we do know is that now’s the time to take action to protect our lakes and quality of life. Somers is truly a great community! 

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