TEAM Tuskers Mentoring - Mentors Needed

October 26, 2017

TEAM Tuskers Mentoring is looking for committed, dedicated adult MEN to spend an hour each week during the school year to support a student in our Somers schools. Mentoring is based on building a supportive relationship between an adult and a student – to provide insight, to guide, to listen and to be supportive. Mentors meet with their mentee for about an hour during the school year. Ladies are always welcome but currently we are in need of men as we have students waiting.

Meetings would be each week at either SIS or SMS, before school, during lunch or after school. Rooms have been set aside in each school for these meetings and are equipped with games, arts and crafts, puzzles, sports equipment, and a computer.

If interested, please visit:, email at: and/or call  914-481-2716.

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