Tropical Storm Isaias Recovery Information and Updates

August 7, 2020

August 7, 2020, 4:00pm
State of Emergency Declaration

August 7, 2020, 12:00pm

Dry Ice and water areavailable now at the Somers Police Station. It will be available until the supplyruns out. The Somers Police Department is located at 100 Route 139. Pleaseenter the police station through the Route 139 entrance.

The Somers Fire Department has responded to numerous calls related to themis-use of generators. Please keep generators 20 feet away from your home, andNEVER run it inside your home or garage. Carbon Monoxide is very dangerous andcan kill. Make sure you have working CO detectors and if they activate, call911.

August 7, 2020, 9:45am

Dry Ice and water will be distributed today at 10:00am at the Somers Police Station. There is a limited supply. Their address is 100 Route 139. Please enter the police station through the Route 139 entrance. The Town received their allocation of water and dry ice from NYSEG and hope to secure more for a future distribution.

August 6, 2020

Hello Somers


All Town roads are now passable. There are still trees in wires in some areas of Town, which require assistance from utility crews to remove. NYSEG does have cut and clear crews embedded with our Highway Department, as well as restoration crews operating in Town. 


Electricity Restoration: NYSEG is reporting that 50% of the town will be restored by today; 60-70% by Friday; 80% by Saturday; 90% by Sunday;and, 95% by Monday. They have advised that some pockets of Town may remain without power until early next week. While NYSEG has made significant investments upgrading their infrastructure in Somers, the lack of preparation and resources made available for storm response remains a huge concern,and is just not acceptable.  


Restoration of Internet: Optimum is not providing government officials with restoration estimates at this point, although many of the areas of Town that have had electricity restored also have had their internet restored.Given the vital need of internet service for those working from home,information about restoration times is just as important as electricity restoration. This just optimizes the large issues with Optimum, and the Town will be taking action. 


Cell Service: Cell phone service has been extremely unreliable in Somers and across Westchester. Government officials have not been advised as to what the issues are (damage to cell towers, repeaters, etc.). Any information provided will be passed along. 


Traffic Signals: If you approach a traffic light without power,please treat it as a Stop Sign. Many of these lights in Town are owned/operated by NYSDOT. They have not addressed many of these lights in a timely manner, so the Town has used its own generators to power those without electricity. 


Dry Ice: The town has distributed all of the dry ice made available within 30 minutes. NYSEG will be supplying additional dry ice, which we will be picking up tomorrow morning. A notification will be sent regarding time & location.


Generator Safety: The Fire Department has responded to numerous calls related to the mis-use of generators. Please keep generators 20 feet away from your home, and NEVER run it inside your home or garage.


Non potable water is available at Granite Springs Fire House in the rear of the building for domestic house needs other than drinking. Note water is not drinkable and please bring own container.


Be Safe Somers

Rick Morrissey


August 5, 2020, 3pm

Hello Somers:

Dry ice and water will be available tomorrow morning 10:00am at the Somers High School, 120 Primrose Street.

Please take the following precautions:

Generators- All generators should be 20 feet from a building while running. Never run a generator inside a garage. Carbon Monoxide is very dangerous and can kill. Make sure you have working CO detectors and if they activate call 911.

Trees/Wires- There are many trees and wires down across town. Never approach downed power lines they may be energized and can electrocute you. If clearing trees be sure there are no power lines near them.

Rick Morrissey


August 5, 2020, 10am

Hello Somers,

Yesterday's quick hitting tropical storm brought with it a massive amount of damage to our area. The town's highway department, under the leadership of superintendent Nick Devito, has been out all night clearing trees and reopening local roadways. NYSEG has tree and line crews embedded with highway department staff as they work through the damage. Here is where things currently stand.

Almost all local roadways are now passable thanks to the hard work of the highway department. Warren Street, Ridge Way, Anasville Road, and Summit Circle are still being worked on. Roads that remain impassable are those with significant downed trees and wires, which require NYSEG crews to respond.

NYSEG is reporting that 92% of their Brewster division, which includes Somers, is without power. There is no further information from NYSEG as to restoration times.

The Town is activating its emergency operation center.

NYSEG will be delivering dry ice and water, and the DeCiccio's is offering freezer space for those needing a place to store their frozen goods. That information will be distributed when available.

The damage caused by the storm is as bad as it gets. We can expect that some areas of town may not get power restored for multiple days. Beyond dealing with a pandemic, our community is now confronted with more adversity. We must come together, take care of one another and get through this.

A big thank you to the fire department who have been instrumental in the emergency response. We are very lucky to have them, along with our first responders.

Rick Morrissey


August 3, 2020

Briefing from the National Weather Service

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