Environmental Impact Statements

1.  Somers Crossing FEIS

2.  Granite Pointe

3.  Somers Crossing DEIS

4.   Granite Pointe FSEIS

The Town of Somers Planning Board has received a proposed draft Final Supplemental Impact Statement (FSEIS) for the proposed Granite Pointe Subdivision dated August 31, 2011, last revised August 20, 2012.  That document is currently undergoing technical review by the Planning Board and its advisors, but has not yet been accepted as complete by the Planning Board.  Discussion of the acceptability of the proposed draft FSEIS will occur at a future Planning Board meeting to be announced.  Once the Planning Board determines that the FSEIS is complete and ready for public review, the final accepted version of that document will be posted on the Town's website.

5.   Somers Reality Planned Hamlet FEIS & Public Hearing Report on Fire Protection, Traffic, and Parking and Stormwater Issues

Somers Realty Planned Hamlet Master Plan FEIS December 2008

4.0 Appendices Cover Sheet


                         Flow Path Graphics
                         PLA Supplemental Information
                         Somers CPV Worksheet
                         Somers Pollutant Analysis Calcs 7-24-08
                         Somers Pollutant Analysis Report 7-28-08
                         Pre-Post Maps Colored      

                          Parking Plan 100
                          Public Roads 100
                          Row 100
                          Somers Realty - Drainage Map Post
                          Somers Realty - Drainage Map Pre
                          Subdivision Plan 100
                          Utility Plan 100
                          Site Plan 100
                          Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

6.   Granite Pointe SEIS



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